‘I really enjoyed reading your article. Your description of pussyboys really resonated with me.’ (Reddit user, 2022)

‘Your research shows that feminine bottoms exist and we are here.’ (Twitter user, 2022)

‘I like how you explore bottomness as an identity and not just a sexual practice. And that you bring up the bond that we effeminate bottoms share. Like a sisterhood of pussyboys.’ (Twitter user, 2022)

‘It's very interesting to me how deeply some gay males feel compelled toward gender roles and heteronormativity.’ (Twitter user)

‘Your capacity for nuance, for articulating identities and ways of being, whether it’s gender identity, religious identity, political identity, or what have you, is remarkable. I’ve encountered in your writing a deep appreciation for things that are real, and a willingness to challenge easy categorization that excludes those realities, usually for the convenience of those doing the excluding.’ (Reader, by email, 2022)

‘I am loving your [work] more and more! I wish I had met you when I was learning more about my identity!’ (Twitter user, 2022)

‘I absolutely love the way you look at life. You’re truly an inspiration for all of us bottoms out there.’ (Twitter user, 2023)

‘Makes me feel very seen!’ (Twitter user, 2023)

‘I am happy to know that I am not alone when thinking about being a fem boy is something natural. Although sometimes it is not well seen by society I like to show my fem part and feeling comfortable with It.’ (Twitter user, 2023)

‘What you do is brave, cool and encouraging for boys like me. My journey gave me time to also reflect on what I am, what it means, what it serves and what is unchanging beneath the changing interests/fetishes.’ (Twitter user, 2023)

‘I read your publication on boiwives and pussybois which was very interesting and answered some of my questions already, I understand that your focus is strongly on the polarity of the non-man male with the Man, receptive sexuality etc and gave me some further roads to travel down in terms of understanding the cultural conception of a male who is widely not considered to be a Man.’ (Twitter user, 2023)

‘I found your page and it really reassured me on my feminine side. But now I know that there are men out there who actually wants feminine men like me.’ (Twitter user, 2023)

‘[Your article on twinks, fairies, and queens] is an awakening - in all senses. The fact that material like THIS - material like YOURS is printed - on line - articulate, authenticated, authoritative, analytical is just --- I'm loving it.’ (Twitter user, 2023)