Picture of Richard Vytniorgu --literary academic

Richard Vytniorgu

Thank you for visiting my homepage. 

I am a literary scholar who focuses on narratives of belonging, and  I teach literature of the nineteenth century to the present day. I have previously published on narratives of wisdom.

My wider interests at the moment include comparative gender and sexuality (sexology, women's experiences, gender nonconformity, masculinity, and homosexuality/ male androphilia) and post-war English cultural conservatism (tradition, inheritance, and belonging).

I try to learn from the sciences in my work as much as the arts and humanities, and consider perspectives rooted in both left-leaning and right-leaning stances.

In terms of narratives, I am interested in all kinds of narratives, including novels, poems, autobiographical writing, food writing, films, animation, documentaries, critical essays, online media, and user-generated (gay) porn and erotica. 

I am currently writing a book on gender nonconforming experience and gay bottom identities in Western narratives, entitled Effeminate Belonging.

I live in rural Monmouthshire with my fiancé, and I enjoy cooking, swimming, and cross-stitch. I regularly attend my local Anglican church, and dog-sit every Wednesday.