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'What is an Eastern European Twink? Probably not who you think he is', The Gay UK (October 12, 2017).


'To be Gay is to be a Person: Why Real Orthodoxy Liberates -- a Romanian Case Study', The Balkanist (April 21, 2017).


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'The Aesthetic Experience Across Three Centuries: Translating Louise Rosenblatt's PhD (1931) on "Art for Art's Sake"'', Journal of Victorian Culture Online (August 11, 2014).



Committee Work / Consultancy

2017: De Montfort University member for the 2017 Midlands3Cities Research Festival planning team.


2014-2016: De Montfort University representative on the Midlands3Cities Student Advisory Forum.


2015: AHRC Commons planning event, London.


2015: M3C student representative at AHRC's 'Developing the Next Phase' (for DTPs) meeting, Leeds.


2014: AHRC Commons crowdsourcing day, Birmingham.



Conference Papers


2017: 'Rosenblatt and Berdyaev, American and Russian: Two Foundations for Human Relations in Literary Studies' (Vytautas Magnus University, May 19-20, 2017).


2016: 'The Human Face of British Literary Studies: A Mood-board Proposal', Out of Practice (University of Birmingham, June 8, 2016).


2015: 'In Quest of Wisdom: Modernist Studies,English Education, and H.D. as Learner' (position paper), New Work in Modernist Studies 2015 (British Association for Modernist Studies; University of Exeter, 5 December).

2015: 'Toward the Reader's Context: Louise Rosenblatt's Literature as Exploration and the Ongoingness of the Transactional Theory of the Literary Work', Writing Literary History: Europe 1900-1950 (MDRN, KU Leuven, 14-16 September).

2015: 'Porn's Educational Imperative: Some Transactional Insights from Louise Rosenblatt', 21st Century Academic Forum (Harvard University, 8-11 March).

2013: 'private lives, public profiles, and a great gulf fixed between? lady ottoline morrell (victorian. modernist. human being.) arrives in the academy', Joyce Simpson Graduate Seminar (Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies, 11 November, by invitation).

2013: 'Introducing Louise Rosenblatt (1904-2005): Humanist Transactions with Adaptation', Adaptation and the Novel (Keele University, 9 November).

2013: 'Managing Modern(ist) Personalities: The Aristocratic Personal Creativity of Ottoline Morrell', Alternative Modernisms: an international, interdisciplinary conference (Cardiff University, 15-18 May).




2014-Present PhD (De Montfort University/University of Leicester) -- supervised by Andy Mousley, Joe Phelan, and Martin Halliwell.


2011-2013 MA Victorian Studies: Distinction (Leeds Trinity University).


2008-2011 BA History and Society: 2:1 (University of Exeter).





2017: ERASMUS+ 'Early Career Researcher Traineeship' at Veliko Tarnovo University, Bulgaria (July-September).


2017: Consultant for Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature's literary salons initiative (June-December).





2017: £5000 (in excess of) Midlands3Cities (AHRC) Student Development Fund for placement with Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature.


2017: £400 Midlands3Cities (AHRC) Student Development Fund: for travel and accommodation to present at English: Shared Futures conference.


2017: £600 AHRC Research Training Support Grant: for travel and accommodation to present at a Vytautas Magnus University conference.


2016: £700 ERASMUS+ for 'Early Career Researcher Traineeship', Veliko Tarnovo University, Bulgaria.


2016: £800 Royal Society of Arts and Midlands3Cities (AHRC) Cohort Development Fund: to develop and deliver three networking evenings in Nottingham, Birmingham, and Leicester, for PhD students and FRSAs around specific interest clusters.


2016: c. £1000 Midlands3Cities (AHRC) Cohort Development Fund: co-lead on bid to develop and oversee training for PhD students in interviewing skills for arts and humanities fields: how to interview someone and communicate this on a variety of media platforms.


2015: £600 Midlands3Cities (AHRC) Student Development Fund: for travel and accommodation to present at a Univeristy of Leuven conference.


2015: £2000 Academic Book of the Future (AHRC-British Library): for organisation of a one day workshop-seminar entitled The Future of the English PhD.


2014-15: AHRC: travel expenses to participate in AHRC Commons crowd-sourcing and workshop days.


2014: £2250 Midlands3Cities (AHRC) Student Development Fund: for travel and accommodation to present at the 21st Century Academic Forum conference at Harvard University, and to conduct archival research at Yale University, Columbia University, and New York University.


2014: £50000 (in excess of) Midlands3Cities (AHRC) Doctoral Training Partnership: full PhD studentship (fees + stipend).


2011: £500 (in excess of) Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies: Research Assistantship.





Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2017)


2017-Present: Brilliant Club PhD Tutor


2017: En2017 Ways of Reading, De Montfort University


2015-Present: EN1010 Reading English, University of Leicester



Selected Training


2017: March 18-22 Writing Retreat (Royal Literary Fund / Midlands3Cities)


2016: Digital Storeytelling (University of Nottingham)


2016: Talking Heads: training for interviewing in the arts and humanities.


2015: Beginning to Teach in HE (De Montfort University)


2015: Policy Engagement Training (Midlands3Cities and White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities)





2017: Certificate of Recognition to acknowledge quality of application for HEA Fellowship (Leicester Learning Institute, University of Leicester).


2013: John Murray Prize for my MA dissertation.


2009: Dean's Commendation (University of Exeter)





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