I was born in 1989 in Vatra Dornei, Romania, to parents of Serb and Russian descent, although I'm a mix of other ethnic backgrounds too -- Balkan, west Asian, and northeast European. Growing up I was also enriched by the Scottish enthusiasm of my adoptive Mum and Granny.


Between 2008 and 2011 I studied history and sociology at the University of Exeter, although I also took courses in politics, theology, and philosophy. I became more and more interested in theory, particularly new methodologies.


In 2011 I moved to Leeds to complete my MA in Victorian Studies, writing a dissertation on the personal creativity of Lady Ottoline Morrell.


In January 2016 I was able to renew contact with my Romanian mother and my half-sisters, who welcomed me when I visited them as an adult for the first time, later that year.


I currently live and work in Leicester, UK, and I am a recipient of a Midlands3Cities (AHRC) Doctoral Award. Although I have a base in Leicester, I have multiple places I consider 'home', or places where I thrive. These include the Costa Blanca, L'viv, and London, among other places. From July-September 2017 I am living in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.


In my spare time I like scrapbooking and making 'commonplace' books. Having modelled intensively for a year between my MA and PhD, I occasionally work for artists and photographers interested in capturing the male form.


Spiritually, I am an Orthodox Christian, although at the moment I worship in an Anglican church. My political beliefs can be described as personalist socialism. I am a member of the Green Party of England and Wales, and in 2017 I joined DiEM25.




thinker, author, educator

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