I was born in 1989 in Vatra Dornei, Romania, to Romanian parents of Russian and Serbian descent, although as with many central and eastern Europeans, my ethnic mix is somewhat more complex. My biogenetic family history is caught up with the lives of two great empires -- the Austro-Hungarian, and the Russian.


In April 1990 my British father arrived in Romania and together with my Mum, proceeded with my adoption. They were unable to have their own children and were nevertheless depserate to have a family, or rather, to have babies, which at the time was impossible via adoption in the UK.


Between 2008 and 2011 I studied History and Sociology at the University of Exeter, although I also took courses in politics, theology, and philosophy. I became more and more interested in theory, particularly new methodologies. At this time I also became very devoted to a small and pietistic church in Exeter. Over time I began to think for myself about such issues as women preaching, baptism, and eventually, sexuality as well. But it took another couple of years to come out as gay myself.


In 2011 I moved to Leeds to complete my MA in Victorian Studies, writing a dissertation on the personal creativity of Lady Ottoline Morrell.


In January 2016 I was able to renew contact with my Romanian mother and my half-sisters, who welcomed me when I visited them as an adult for the first time, later that year.


I currently live and work in Leicester, UK, and I am a recipient of a Midlands3Cities (AHRC) Doctoral Award. Although I have a base in Leicester, I have multiple places I consider 'home', or places where I thrive. These include the Costa Blanca, L'viv, and London, among other places. From July-September 2017 I am living in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.


In my spare time I like scrapbooking and making 'commonplace' books. Having modelled intensively for a year between my MA and PhD, I occasionally work for artists and photographers interested in capturing the male form.


Spiritually, I am an Orthodox Christian, although at the moment I worship in an Anglican church. My political beliefs can be described as personalist socialism. I am a member of the Green Party of England and Wales, and in 2017 I joined DiEM25.




thinker, author, educator

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